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Men Focused Therapy


Psychotherapy and Counseling

I am a psychotherapist that specializes in men focused therapy, and provide dynamic growth in this area, it is my goal to support and create well-balanced men. I am very excited to bring solutions, calm, and building blocks for the foundation in men's lives, providing them with leadership skills and finding purpose.


I currently am out-of-pocket pay / cash, however can assist in having your health insurance reimburse for sessions by providing a superbill. 

Well Balanced Men Group

Exclusive Mastermind group consisting of rotating facilitators  

Topics stem from; spiritual, medical, psychological, current affairs, relationships/marriage, and leadership.

Every Saturday at 9:00 PM EST


You don't need to be a client in order to participate, all are welcome.

Child Welfare Consulting

For families, educators, municipal and human service agencies, non-profit organizations, attorneys, courts, medical centers, and managed care organizations. 


Email all inquiries to:

My Approach
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